Academic quality: appearance and reality

February 12, 2007

The Guardian’s Ben Goldacre gets stuck in to ‘no longer Dr’ Gillian McKeith. I sometimes find Goldacre’s writing in the Grauniad rather shrill, but in this longer piece he gives a great explanation for his anger and a definition of ‘referenciness’ worthy of Stephen Colbert. The dangers Goldacre identifies in those who seek to give the appearance of academic research without its substance apply across all fields.
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Noted things

January 28, 2007

1. Friday 2 February at 9, BBC 2, Timewatch programme on ‘The First Blitz’, including the excavation of Zeppelin remains by the Great War Archaeology Group. Timewatch page is here, but no details up as yet: they seem to follow broadcast.

2. Guardian extract from the late Polish author Ryszard Kapuscinski’s account of his childhood memories of 1945. Well worth a read.

3. Will shortly post something on Sir Thomas Inskip and Caligula’s horse: some useful links – biography from Churchill College Archives, and Time profile from his appointment in 1936.

Bit of management and a CFP

September 11, 2006

Just updated the sidebar to include some more blogs which are now on my regular reading list – Civil Warriors, which I like as a fine example of group blogging and Alan Allport’s War Starts at Midnight, which seems likely to bring Alan’s expertise to bear on a wide variety of ‘Britain in the world wars’ material. I’ve also added Mark Grimsley’s excellent series of posts on academic blogging, which he categorises as ‘Letters to Leila’ – primarily so that I have a single easy place to which to point those who ask me why I do this.

In other news, just received the latest CFP from the International Society for First World War Studies: Read the rest of this entry »