Things I didn’t know…

That the village of Turville, where the film Went the Day Well was shot, was also the setting for the outdoor scenes in The Vicar of Dibley. Dawn French versus German paratroopers: why hasn’t that movie been made yet?


5 Responses to Things I didn’t know…

  1. Stuart Mitchell says:

    My money would be on Dawn French.

  2. Jonathan Boff says:

    A Fridge Too Far?

  3. Didn’t they already do ‘We Dive at Dawn’?

    Talking of filming locations I have just been writing about Whisky Galore!(dir Alexander Mackendrick, 1949) and was interested to see that the island where it was filmed, Barra, has embraced the film as part of its own identity (or perhaps marketing strategy). Based on the real event- the grounding of SS Politician but on the island of Eriskay in 1941 – providing the islanders with enough whisky to see out the war (and less often mentioned rather a substantial amount of cash) – Compton Mackenzie novelised the story setting it on a fictional island (Todday). It is the 60th anniversary of the film and so this was the prompt for Barra to host their first ever ‘Whisky Galore Festival’ earlier this month. I thought it quite odd that it is the adaptation of a fictional account that is celebrated, on an island where it never happened, rather than the event itself. The community that is presented in the film, and the victory over the stuffy English bureaucrats obviously has more resonance! (Despite the epilogue that says they all lived UNhappily ever after- though this was to get round American censorship, and reflected the views of the director). The festival seemed to comprise mostly of drinking , dancing with some bits around the film too

  4. Stuart Mitchell says:

    I guess that says a lot about how local identities are forged through common experiences irrespective of the historical accuracy. That, or perhaps why Scotland has higher rates of alcoholism than the other home nations…

  5. Alice Austin says:

    Battle of the Bulge, The Dog Collars of War, Dawn Busters, What did you do in the war Dibley….

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