Snow and the blitz

A freak weather event stops London’s transport system, and the blitz is brought out as a stick with which to beat TfL. ‘Not even the Blitz stopped London’s buses running…’ proclaimed newspapers such as the Daily Mail (although it illustrates its article with a picture of a bus blown to bits by a German bomb, which seems rather to contradict its case). Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the TfL spokesman has just made the mistake of trying to introduce an element of rational thought into the mindless rescitation of the myth – London, he pointed out, was a very large city, so of course bombing didn’t stop the transport network completely – just in those areas that were worst hit. Snow and ice, on the other hand, hit the whole network at once, so were actually far more likely to cause it to shut down completely. Good luck with trying to get that point across, when the Prime Minister is also busily trying to mobilise the Second World War to help him out of a political hole.


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