11 November links

First, biggest and best: go and explore The First World War Digital Poetry Archive and The Great War Archive, both based at the University of Oxford. Go even if you don’t care about the First World War, just to revel in the high quality of the thought that has gone into creating such a wonderful resource. Go to have a look at the more than 6500 artefacts submitted by members of the public which are all now freely accessible and searchable. This is the thing that has made me happiest this week.

Evidence that a sub’s choice of headline can make an article significantly worse (if this were a student essay, you’d be writing ‘do not introduce new ideas into the conclusion when you haven’t examined them in the main body of the thesis’). But good to see Adrian Gregory’s new book getting mentioned.

Evidence that Mary Warnock is a philosopher, rather than a historian. And that the sort of people who comment on newspaper columns online don’t really understand that the purpose of history is discussion, not abuse and wild assertion (on every side). But from an academic standpoint, what a great case study of the way that ideas about the Great War are used passionately to support different worldviews.

Interesting to note the symbolism that surrounded the last veterans of the First World War laying their wreaths at the Cenotaph, aided as they were by younger, heroic veterans in uniform. And perhaps sad that in trying to honour their comrades, they should be co-opted quite so heavily into an official discourse.

And lastly, I get excited about First World War memorials: but not this excited.


3 Responses to 11 November links

  1. […] and Mary Warnock Dan Todman of Trench Fever calls her article in last week’s Guardian “Evidence that Mary Warnock is a philosopher, […]

  2. Alice says:

    “It is a problem which appears to be getting worse – people appear to get a perverse pleasure out of this behaviour,” said a police spokesman in Arras…Whilst an Administrator in Ilford sniggers at the double entendre of the words ‘ridge’ and ‘Arras’ in this article. I have no douct they were used in the title of the website. You ask what it’s good for – well getting your jollies obviously.

    One other point ‘married couple in their 30’s’ – is this suggesting that they should know better? that this is acceptable behaviour for unmarried people in 20’s? Or is this the shock of the French that a married man is having sex with his wife and not his mistress(es)?

  3. worldwar1letters says:

    For another interesting eyewitness history resource about the Great War please visit http://worldwar1letters.wordpress.com.

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