Is it the hairy legs that gave me away?

September 16, 2008

Hat-tip to the BFI’s contributions to youtube


Birmingham Conference Report

September 14, 2008

Rather than trying to report on all of the lectures and papers at Birmingham, I thought I’d post about four of them, to give a flavour of the conference to those that weren’t there and because these were the ones that struck me at the time. Read the rest of this entry »

Quick update

September 9, 2008

As ever, Trench Fever has been undergoing its summer lull whilst I toil away at writing and try not to let myself get distracted.

I am now between conferences – gave a paper at Birmingham last week, and doing one in Canterbury tomorrow. The Birmingham Conference had some particularly interesting papers from postgraduates: I’m really impressed with the quality of the military historical research that’s being done now at the PhD level. Overall, it made me think about some of my previous understanding of the BEF in 1918, which was the point. Lots of good stuff on logistics too..

Paper tomorrow is about Remembering and Forgetting the First World War on the Web. I’ve tried to work out some ways of analysing the multiple functions of sites connected to the remembrance of the war, and will talk about whether the web is democratising some of the ways we remember.

More detailed updates on both these later – I tried to write something on Birmingham immediately, but found I needed time to get my head round everything I’d heard.

Other things I’ve been thinking about: 1940 vs 1940-1941: turning point or defining period?; representing Britain’s maritime war; which historians inspired me with their writing (part of preparation for a mini-lecture on a revamped undergraduate history skills course).

More at the weekend I hope