Things noted

The petition of 10 Downing St to make the study of history compulsory to 16 has been rejected. But there is going to be plentiful study of ‘citizenship’. What’s the difference between citizenship training and the study of history? One teaches you what the government thinks is good about the country, the other teaches you how to make up your own mind.

‘Kings of War‘ – the blog from the War Studies department, King’s College London. Horrible name, interesting content.

Although it’s inevitably linked to ‘citizenship education’ – sigh – the wonderfully interactive Food Stories website (click on interactive) drawing on the oral history department at the British Library’s project on food. I wonder if they want to put on a university course?


One Response to Things noted

  1. Jack says:

    ‘The study of History (and, indeed, all Humanities subjects) is, de facto, “Citizenship Training”. Discuss.’

    At least, that’s both the reason I teach it and the central message I try to convey when I’m teaching it. If it wasn’t, I’d be doing something else.

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