France’s oldest trench veteran dies

BBC report on the death, which leaves only one poilu alive. Still a shame that the list of ‘WWI veterans’ alongside the main report finds no space to suggest that there might be female survivors of the war. Hat tip to Mike Levitch.


3 Responses to France’s oldest trench veteran dies

  1. There were women in the trenches? Or did you mean members of female units?

  2. Dan says:

    Patrick – what makes a person a ‘survivor’ of a war? Exposure to enemy fire? – plenty of French (and British) women exposed to that through air raids and artillery fire. Contribution to the war effort? – in a mechanised war, what’s the difference between a munitionette or a nurse and a soldier? I know that there is a combatant/non-combatant difference, but it’s interesting to me that it’s never questioned. One of the things that ‘total war’ is meant to have done is break down distinctions between battle fronts and home fronts, but it doesn’t seem to have done that for remembrance.

  3. Alice says:

    They may not get a mention in the veteran list of World War one but they can now get a Badge for working the land in World War Two – smacks of Blue Peter to me –

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