New Year things noted

Cross posted to Cliopatria and Trenchfever to keep things warm whilst many regular Cliopatricians are at the AHA.

Further reactions to the death of George Macdonald Fraser, including the question, ‘Should we mourn Flashman?’

Why where you put certain questions matters, in tests, in semesters, in lives, from Mixing Memory, via Gavin Robinson.

The Decision Hedgehog, for all those who’ve told that joke about why ‘working for this company is like screwing a hedgehog’…

Sad departure of 2007, Alan Eames, ‘the Indiana Jones of Beer’

Self-agrandising media corner, as I talk about doing a podcast for the OU and the BBC, with another corner for agrandising one of my PhDs, Jack McGowan, who spoke to BBC Radio 4 about newly declassified material from the National Archives.


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