Plagiarism 3

September 5, 2007

Version 1.2, drawing on comments below. I think that this will be a way to engage students with the ideas, to get them to decide that it’s wrong and work out why, and leave room for instructors to get across their own feelings on the subject. Probably more effective for that. Apologies for writing out links, but this will also be a paper coursepack and so they need to be usable in both forms. Now that I’ve drawn on other folks’ ideas, how should I credit them? My thought is to give a footnoted link in the coursepack to the discussion we’ve had here (not least as a further demonstration of writing, drafting and process). Read the rest of this entry »



September 5, 2007

Okay, there are some strange presentational quirks, but this is a great site on what V1s and V2s meant for Londoners in general and south Londoners in particular. Nice following up of wartime photographs with ‘camera returns’ moments – and also an explanation of some of the stranger housing combinations sarf of the river.