I’m back. Sorry for the break. I was reading new things and trying to write a lot. Not quite sure about why everyone is commemorating the anniversary of the Battle of Passchendale though. Bit premature. Still, I trust the monarch and everyone else will be there for the anniversary of the Battle of the Menin Road as well. Or not. And yet again, I was the only one off the coast of Mers el Kebir this year.


2 Responses to Anniversaries

  1. Being confused on the choice of dates I asked someone from the In Flanders Fields museum in Ypres, it was explained that the 12th July was choosen to start events as this was the date the Germans first used Mustard Gas.

  2. trenchfever says:

    I’ve heard elsewhere that it was about when the Belgian royals were available to take part. The mustard gas choice seems like a post-hoc justification to me – it’s not an anniversary you’d choose to get the most media coverage in the UK.

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