Family memories of the first Blitz

Thanks to Chris Williams for the link to the discussion site for the Timewatch programme on the First Blitz. Really interesting to see how Zeppelin raiding has been remembered by families – by far the bulk of the posts there. It might be an interesting example of an aspect of the war which otherwise hasn’t been incorporated into the mainstream ‘memory’ has been preserved. My late grandfather used to claim to remember seeing a Zeppelin being shot down. He thought it was the one downed by William Leefe-Robinson. I never knew whether he’d concocted it from family discussions: he would have been only four, although from where he lived in Essex he might have seen the airship come down in Hertfordshire. Whenever he mentioned it, he always talked about the pub (now a Beefeater eatery) named after Leefe-Robinson, which is in Middlesex – so I sometimes wondered whether a trip past that had been the origin of the whole story.


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