Temporary cessation of hostilities…

It’s with some regret that I’m going to announce that the Writing War seminar at QMUL will not be meeting this semester. Catherine Merridale and I had great plans for the coming year, and even the unsolicited offer of a paper (which shows we were getting somewhere). The sheer quantity of work which we both have to undertake this year, however, means that neither of us felt that we could adequately support the seminar with time. I found running the seminar very enjoyable and I very instructive, but also very stressful – definitely an important point on the Todman learning curve, but perhaps one where I don’t need to learn more at the minute. We will try to revitalise it either next semester or the next academic year, probably with a specific aim in terms of the production of papers. Thanks to all those who attended and supported: we will be in touch.


5 Responses to Temporary cessation of hostilities…

  1. Chris Williams says:

    Never mind that, how do we get to nobble your opponents for the THES “Best Young Bleeding Genius of the Year”, then, Dan?

    Those of you who don’t get the Times Higher this week, check out:


  2. Anthony Cormack says:

    Whoa, nice one Dan. Some tough competition there.

  3. Dan says:

    Cheers chaps. Modesty forbids, etc etc. I also have to say that I’m not ecstatic about how I was made to come across in the interview: I rather thought they’d lined me up for a good kicking behind the bikesheds from some senior colleagues. As far as the prize goes, the main criteria is making an academic field popularly accessible: I think on that basis that the book on mitochondrial dna is more likely to win than my effort – making the First World War popular is not exactly a challenge.

  4. Chris Williams says:

    Horatio Bottomley certainly saw it as one – to which he rose magnificently.

    Hmm . . . maybe not the best point of comparison.

  5. Dan says:

    Thanks Chris… yes, maybe I should have said the study of the First World War!
    What more could I aspire to than being the QM History Department’s Bottomley? Sadly, the shortlist has coincided with the publisher calling back in all the unsold copies of the book for a paperback recover. Damn, it turns out that this combined arms stuff is really hard.

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