IHR 1815-1945 programme for forthcoming term

Institute of Historical Research

Seminar: British History, 1815-1945

Convenors: Sally Alexander, Matthew Cragoe, David Feldman, Catherine Hall, Roland Quinault, Paul Readman, Pat Thane, Michael Thompson, Frank Trentmann.

Autumn programme:

Thursdays, 5 PM, Wolfson Room (1st floor). All Welcome!

28th September: Kate Bradley (IHR) – ‘Clubs, courts and citizens: young people, the voluntary sector and the state, 1908-1945’. Nb. this seminar will be held in NG16, along the corridor from the IHR (please ask at IHR reception for directions).

12th October: Michael Thompson (IHR) – ‘The country-house social system, 1870-1939’.

26th October: Catriona Pennell (Trinity College Dublin) – ‘Perceiving the Enemy: Popular Understandings of Germany in Britain and Ireland at the Outbreak of the First World War, August to December 1914’.

9th November: Jerry White – ‘“Who Stole the Mutton?” Police and Public Confidence in Victorian London’.

23rd November: Ewen Cameron (University of Edinburgh) – ‘The “Unknown Prime Minister” and the “True Blue Clyde”’.

7th December (5.15 PM): Boyd Hilton (Trinity College, Cambridge), Margot Finn (University of Warwick), Arthur Burns (King’s College, London) – Roundtable discussion of Boyd Hilton’s A Mad, Bad, and Dangerous People? England 1783-1846.

*This session will be conducted jointly with the ‘British History in the Long Eighteenth Century’ seminar.

Please feel free to pass this programme on to any colleagues or postgraduate students who you think may be interested in joining us.


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