Bit of management and a CFP

Just updated the sidebar to include some more blogs which are now on my regular reading list – Civil Warriors, which I like as a fine example of group blogging and Alan Allport’s War Starts at Midnight, which seems likely to bring Alan’s expertise to bear on a wide variety of ‘Britain in the world wars’ material. I’ve also added Mark Grimsley’s excellent series of posts on academic blogging, which he categorises as ‘Letters to Leila’ – primarily so that I have a single easy place to which to point those who ask me why I do this.

In other news, just received the latest CFP from the International Society for First World War Studies:



October 18-20, 2007

Washington D.C. USA

New Directions in First World War Studies

Following the success of the three previous conferences in Lyon, Oxford, and
Dublin, the International Society for First World War Studies is pleased to
host its next conference in Washington D.C. through the generous support and
cooperation of our hosts, Georgetown University and the German Historical

We are continuing the tradition of bringing together current researchers
from both the graduate student and established academic scholarly levels.
We invite papers from students and scholars who are working on new paradigms
or approaches to understanding the social, cultural, or military history of
the war.   The purpose of the conference is to facilitate a comparative
study of the Great War.

Like the previous conferences we will follow the format of circulating the
papers ahead of the conference and forming panels from individual paper
submissions.  Each panel will consist of two to three paper authors, a
discussant for each paper, and a chair that will offer a summary commentary
of each panel.

Applicants please send a two-page abstract of the proposed paper and a
curriculum vita to Jennifer Keene at  <> or Mike Neiberg  at  <> by February 1, 2007.   Please also be prepared to
submit a paper of a maximum of 8,000 words by June 1, 2007.  Conference Web
Site:  <>

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