Somme list version 1.1

Okay, if I wanted to demonstrate how much attention the Somme got, I think this might manage it. Below is a very incomplete and soon to be updated list of online sources/articles and listings. Perhaps of most interest: the continuing localised nature of commemoration, not just in Northern Ireland (where it might be expected), but in England as well. And everybody, obviously, thinks that Henry Allingham is great.



Museums, Memorials and Exhibitions

Imperial War Museum online gallery

National Army Museum event listing and online exhibition

Thiepval site: transcript of Prince of Wales’ speech

Historial at Peronne

Robert Perry’s exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Osprey Events Listing

National Archives

Education Guardian article on online resources

Open University Somme site


Local and Regional Exhibitions (just some examples)





Epsom and Ewell

Linen Hall, Belfast



Outside UK


Irish stamp


Commercial and Tourist Sites

Osprey Publishing Essential Somme Site

Department of the Somme

Telegraph account of trip back to Somme


News reports

Telegraph report on IWM exhibition

Guardian account of ceremony

Telegraph account of ceremony

Telegraph account of Germans at ceremony

Sunday Times account of ceremony

Times look forward to ceremony


News opinions

Sunday Times interview with BBC Somme director

Times Execution Pardon letters

Times Image of the Day: Poppies

Telegraph Irish story

Telegrpah remembrance editorial

Telegraph notebook – returning with Keegan

Martin Rowson Football Fan cartoon

Appalling Max Hastings article in Guardian

Marc Bostridge article in Guardian

‘In praise of…Henry Allingham’

Telegraph editorial in praise of Henry Allingham

Observer book review

Guardian letter

Guardian letter

Chris Duffy book article in Observer

Times review of BBC Somme documentary


Online discussion

Review of Historial Exhibition

BBC messageboards 1

BBC messageboards 2


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