(salute to Ralph Luker at Cliopatria)

It is fun to play around with Google Trends, although what it might actually tell us is another matter. The results for 'Douglas Haig', for example, might make you wonder why the people of Buenos Aires were so much more interested than those in the UK. But that would be because you don't remember me writing on this blog about the Club Atletico Douglas Haig, founded by an expat in 1918 to commemorate his former commander, and still languishing somewhere down the Argentine league.  

'It's a well known fact that generals always fight the last war': comment to me in a recent Historical Association meeting about this same chap Haig, which made me so apoplectic that I didn't answer it properly. With suitable esprit d'escalier, I've come up with a range of answers, most of them starting with the formulation 'Well known fact = unconsidered untruth'. I'm out of time at the minute, but I'm keen to write about this in more detail when I've got my breath back.  


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