Does what it says on the tin

In a thoroughly laggardly fashion, just added George Simmers' Great War Fiction blog to the 'Mentioned in Dispatches' section. George is doing a PhD at Oxford Brookes on – um – Great War Fiction. He's recently posted a lot of stuff – including some great images, some useful links, and an interesting question about 'pre-war' as a descriptor of personal behaviour that I can't even begin to answer. In fact 'pre-warness' – the conceptualisation of the pre 1914 world in the 1920s and 1930s – would be worth a PhD in itself. 

Anyway, now this is happening my workrate has plummeted. And I have an unbelievable quantity of marking… But I have a couple of posts in mind – one about war technology and Britain in the 1920s/30s, and one about using sports psychology with students. Got to put up something to make sure I make it into Brett's History Carnival. Following a conversation about copyright and archiving online last week, I was also interested to read Sharon Howard's post on this topic. Showing off your body on your blog might or might not get you that academic job, but making your papers easily accessible might help more. But if I'm going to do both, I better head down to the gym for a few more reps. 


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