Cut Price Todman

Damnit, all my books are 34% off on Amazon! Is that a good or a bad thing? In terms of sales I have no idea – but obviously bad news if you bought a copy of the latest one at full price… On the other hand, the Alanbrooke Diaries in paperback is now cheaper than I can get it from the publishers, so I guess that gives me something to hand out at school presentations


9 Responses to Cut Price Todman

  1. esther says:

    The red is better.

  2. trenchfever says:

    Yes, I know, but can I ask whether you’re using Mozilla or IE? In IE, the site looks really rough (tiny type) and the CV is full of code as well as type. Any thoughts about how to get over that (I love the way this looks in Firefox)

  3. esther says:

    Firefox… that’s mozilla isn’t it? I gave up fiddling about between interfaces when I realised that anyone on my site using IE can only see everything centred, and htere is no way I can alter it. I like the small type. Maybe move the central line between red and text to the right a bit though so more room for comment

    *boss boss boss boss*


  4. trenchfever says:

    Hmm. Basically, if you use Mozilla Firefox, then the clever ‘theme’ monkeys at WordPress think that you’re on the side of the gods. They design these formats so that only the righteous can really enjoy them. But they also don’t trust minions like myself to play around with the HTML, so you can’t actually alter things like the toolbar (or can you? do let me know). Now, since I once had a very bossy and very IT mature student, I use Firefox. So as far as i’m concerned, this site looks awesome and I’m not too worried about the central line. And if you don’t use Firefox, you’re obviously a plaything of Bill Gates… so screw you. No wait, that won’t work. Got to leave this now, but going to come back to the whole thing.

  5. esther says:

    Oh, and I’ve just checked, your sales rating is 9000 something. Regeneration is 3500 ish and Owen languishes at 73 000. As a better comparison than the discounting system, which depends merely on publisher criteria (or used to when I worked in a bookshop, although admittedly this was just after the Net Book Agreement collapsed, so some goodly time back)

  6. trenchfever says:

    Hmm, how’s this as an ego problem? Do I design a site with a smaller sidebar when it might cut down the awesome size of my book cover picture?

  7. Brett says:

    I like the look, much nicer than the generic blogspot theme! (I’m using Firefox on a Mac, it also looks fine in Safari.) I think it is one of the tradeoffs with, it’s free and more powerful than but you are still constrained in how much customisation you can do in terms of themes and plugins. It’s one of the reasons why I decided to pay for my own hosting.

    Unfortunately, the reality is that the majority of users still use IE (71% on my site), so it’s advisable to cater for such technological laggards …

  8. Jack says:

    70.99% now, Brett. Yes, Dan, it looks great using Firefox (I’ll update links soon) whereas mine looks marginally better and complete in IE – presumably the Blogger default preference.

    But maybe some very simple terms might help the technologically fearful, like me, who may have heard about the benefits of Firefox, swithered about doing the deed, but now have the perfect reason: simply google Mozilla Firefox and you’ll get the easiest possible download which takes 5mins tops and occupies no noticable amount of hard drive. It doesn’t affect IE – they both sit on your desktop and you can use either as your web browser. Then you can, indeed, view Trenchfever in its new glory – and many other things more quickly, clearly and securely.

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