A few bits and bobs at the end of (another) hectic week.

1. Questions:
a) Steve Badsey writes to ask for help locating a documentary –

I have a recent memory of having seen a reference to an article (and I can’t be more definite than that) about the mythology of the First World War tank, very much from the ‘it didn’t win the war but it won the post-war literary battle’ perspective – rather like the Timewatch I appeared in some years back, but more scholarly. Have you come across this, and if so can you point me to the reference for it?

b) Astrid Erll would like to know if she’s helping to perpetuate a myth:

I’m not sure if the following anecdote relates to British myth or British history: ‘When Arthur Nicolson congratulated Edward Grey on his speech of 3 August 1914, Grey cried ‘I hate war, I hate war”. A German editor of an article of mine inserted this as a note, and I’m not sure if with this anecdote I’m perpetuating what I was actually going to reflect upon in this article: the British memory culture.

2) Dave Budgen, a postgraduate student at the University of Kent, has asked me to post this:

Rethinking War

An Interdisciplinary Colloquium

Throughout the centuries warfare has been a dominant factor in the shaping of societies. From civil wars to the growth of empires, conflict has remained a constant presence in the history of civilisation. This colloquium aims to bring together research from across the academic spectrum, giving postgraduate and post-doctoral researchers an opportunity to present their work.

We welcome proposals from postgraduate and post-doctoral students on any aspect of warfare.

Subjects you may wish to consider include:

War and Diplomacy, Science and Technology, Justifications for War, War and Society, The Psychological Effects of War, Film and Literature, Guerrilla Warfare and Terrorism, Imperialism, Total War, War and Ethnicity, Art and Visual Representations of Warfare, Heritage and War, National Identity, Medicine and Warfare, Philosophy of War, Propaganda, War and the Media, War and Religion

3) Don’t worry, there is an account of Stefan Goebel’s talk on Coventration and some new thoughts of my own all upcoming. Just trying to find the time… because

4) The book is finally out!


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  1. Well done on the book finally appearing!

    is there a time/date/place for the colloquium in point 3?

  2. Dan says:

    Well spotted. Bugger. It’s 19th December 2005 at the University of Kent. I’ll edit the post later today.

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