On blogging

First reactions have started to come in to the blog – varying from ‘What is a ‘blog’?’ (Distinguished Military Historian who can remain anonymous till he figures out how to post here), to really encouraging and helpful points from Esther and Mark, both mentioned below.

Esther raises a point on her site :
Is this a warblog? I think not: I’ve always taken these to be the product of serving soldiers engaged in a war (police action/peacekeeping mission, whatever). And although I say elsewhere that the ‘death of the First World War is greatly exaggerated’, it’s hardly an ongoing conflict (although the last person to explain to me how Birdsong was ‘history’ might feel differently).


2 Responses to On blogging

  1. Brett says:

    I would have said that what you describe is generally called a milblog. But warblog is certainly also taken. Maybe milhistblog … or cultlitmilhistblog … or maybe not!

    Well, whatever you call it, it’s good to see a new Great War blog on the scene!

  2. Dan says:

    Ta Brett,
    Something to do with the history of war, I guess. ‘Warhisblog’ sounds a bit too gender specific… Something which is interesting – and I don’t know if anybody is working on it academically – is the way that milblogging is being used by soldiers to learn from each others’ experiences (eg on how to harden soft-skinned vehicles). In terms of informal military education – which has always gone on – we now have some physical evidence to study.

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